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Silvia Crisci
Spiritual Trainer

Energy Operator, Naturopath, Aromatherapist


About me

My name is Silvia Crisci, I live and work in Alessandria as a Spiritual Trainer, Naturopath and Aromatherapist.

My spiritual quest began at the age of 16 and has never stopped since.

For a long time I devoted myself in solitude looking for answers to   persistent questions that I could not ignore and after a long time  course of study  I founded Studio Cinque Elementi in 2015.

Since then I have been helping people and animals to find balance, starting from the vibration and spiritual level.

My mission is to help you find balance and well-being on the subtle level, the level where disturbances and difficulties that affect your daily life often originate, the level where it all begins.

When can I help you


  • You feel stuck and can't figure out how to resume your journey

  • You keep finding yourself in the same situation (professional, sentimental)

  • You cannot understand what your gift is

  • You would like to know your mission in this incarnation







it is composed of the vibration of each single subtle body and that there are many factors that can affect your frequency.

You must know that our frequency contains, among other things, energetic information inherited from the lineage, so that what has not been resolved by your ancestors could present itself in your life awaiting resolution and manifest itself as physical ailment or other difficulties.

This is why acting at the source is undoubtedly the most effective and profound way to ensure that everything that prevents you from being who you really are can be freed and returned to universal love, but above all that you can finally discover your gifts, your mission and make your choices freely in every area of your life.

Image by Ahmad Odeh

" The healing you have sought so much is the courage to know and love you completely "

What they say about me

I had two experiences with Silvia.
With the first, he put the pieces together and made sense of the structure, with the second he worked to make sure that everything was able to hold up.
I can find no other words to describe the journey made with her through essential oils, reflexology, her professionalism and above all her sensitivity.
Surely there will also be the third .... it is a journey.

Barbara Longo

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