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cards of the Angels
and evolutionary cards


The reading of the evolutionary cards is always carried out with a view to increasing awareness.

My intent is not to delegate your decisions to cards, but to provide you with answers that will help you understand why you are in a situation and what you need to get out of it.


In summary, the aim is to identify what your current challenge is and what tools you can use to regain well-being, always starting from an energetic vision of the practical situation.

I invite you to focus on a few questions to ask the oracle in order to have answers that will be of a spiritual nature and above all useful for the evolution of your soul.

Don't waste the attention and kindness of Angels or evolutionary cards asking if:

  • he loves you

  • betrays you

  • will come back.

Rather ask:

  • how come you are in this situation

  • what he wants to teach you, so as to complement the lesson and not find yourself "repeating a script" over and over.

  • how can you get out of it

  • what is your life mission

  • What is influencing you and where you come from

Obviously we are not just talking about romantic relationships, but about every area of your life and all those moments when you feel stuck and you need a superior point of view to understand how to proceed on your path.

The session can be carried out both in the studio and remotely.

Euro 82 - duration about 1 hour

Book your session 

+0039 / 334-784.38.02 (whatsapp)

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