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In this section you can read some of the testimonies of people who, over time, I have personally followed both in the studio and online.

Marina Ghiazza

I turned to the naturopath Silvia because I had a persistent painful discomfort in the lumbar / sacral area. After a few sessions of plantar reflexology aimed at the area in question, I immediately noticed a strong improvement and now I no longer have any pain.
A subsequent intervention of the same type this time aimed at the pain due to the cervical that has been tormenting me for years has clearly improved the situation, now the acute attacks are less and less and lighter and resolve in a short time, I will resort again to this type of practice . Thanks Silvia!

Monica Marini

In Silvia I found a trained, attentive and welcoming professional. Love what it does and it shows. His ability to listen and analyze, in my opinion, is not expressed only in the (very important) curative aspect, but becomes continuous and constant support to maintain or rediscover a deep contact with oneself. And maybe discover new ways to feel good. If you are in the area or even not in the area (I'm from Bologna, for example) I highly recommend it!

Erica Chestnut

Di Silvia I appreciate the professionalism, gentleness, hospitality and the ability to customize treatments according to your needs. I feel pampered and looked after, both in the studio and at home. Very attentive to the small details that can emerge during the treatments. I trusted and put my trust in his hands and his knowledge in the holistic sector. Recommended!

Elisabetta Balbi

A place in which to find oneself and one's own balance thanks to the care and competence of Silvia who has a great ability to analyze in depth what needs to be balanced. Thank you

Benedetta Ricci

Silvia is an all-round professional, very prepared, reliable and helpful but, above all, empathetic, kind and very scrupulous.

Thanks to his advice I was able to solve the problem that had plagued my cats for 2 years, caused by a severe allergy to flour mites. Not even the visit made to two veterinarians and consequently chemical medicine had not worked. Within a month they are back to being perfectly fine and slowly the hair is also growing back (which unfortunately tore from too much itching) I can never thank her enough because in helping them she also helped me with the help of specific Australian flowers for my problem.

Silvia, thanks to her studies but above all to her positive energy and full of high vibrations, does not "cure" the symptom but goes directly to the cause that triggers it, eliminating it completely at the root. I can only say thank you, thank you, thank you.

Raffaella Barbierato

My experience at Studio Cinque Elementi was undoubtedly positive, even more than I hoped for. I went on the advice of a friend who had found himself very well and after having participated in the online course on Bach Flowers, held by Silvia Crisci and Piera Ornigatti. There are many types of treatment that can be enjoyed at Studio Cinque Elementi, according to need. The professionalism and preparation of Silvia Crisci are indisputable: she was able to give me great help and slowly I would like to continue with other treatments. Each treatment is "sewn" on the person, because Silvia is very attentive and scrupulous in listening and in calibrating the treatment according to what is most useful and beneficial at that moment and according to which part is to be rebalanced. As for my experience, I felt the benefits from the first sessions, and at the end of the cycle I reached and consolidated the goal I hoped to achieve.

Jonela Taho

In a difficult moment of my life I felt the need to ask for help to strengthen my awareness of the projects undertaken and I chose to do it through naturopathy, relying on an excellent professional, Silvia Crisci. She, in the Five Elements Studio, welcoming and well cared for, was able to listen to me, guide me to the solution of the problem. I am very satisfied and I highly recommend it.

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