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Energy techniques:

  • Crystal therapy

  • Australian flowers 

  • EFT (emotional freedom techniques)

  • Theta (healing in theta waves)

  • Reiki practitioner Usui and Karuna Reiki

  • Radioesthesia operator of the soul

  • Channeling and Funnel Operator



graduated from the  Italian School of Holistic Medicine (SIMO) in Milan.

Disciplines of the three-year course:

  • Flower therapy (Bach flowers)

  • Plantar reflexology

    • 1st level (physical)

    • 2nd level (energetic and emotional)

    • Integrated (with vibrational remedies and chromopuncture)

  • Metamorphic Technique 

  • Phyto-complements and Oligocomplements

  • Hydrothermal mud therapy

  • Applied kinesiology (intolerance test and Bach flowers)

  • Nutrition (according to the energetics of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

  • Iridology

  • Psychosomatics

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and Classical Chinese Medicine

  • Chromopuncture (applied to acupoints and reflex points on the sole of the foot)

    • Clinic of Obstetrics (fertility, pregnancy, post partum)

    • Visceri Curiosi Clinic (to re-harmonize self-esteem, forgiveness, trauma, deep convictions, emotional nourishment, the ability to transform oneself to be reborn)

    • Allergy and intolerance clinic (treatment of allergies and intolerances)

Master's degree:

  • Integrated Aromatherapy

  • Psycho-aromatherapy

  • Vibrational aromatherapy

  • Applied Aromatherapy

Freelance holistic operator as per law  n.4 / 2013.


Some of my certificates

I believe it is correct to demonstrate that you have completed an official course of study to those who contact me to entrust me with a part of their journey.
I must say, however, that most of my mentors, especially in the energy sector, had no qualifications and did not release any.
What these great souls possessed was a great experience and above all a strong and clean connection with the subtle planes.
It is right not to improvise and not to deceive those who ask for help, but in any case a certificate is not enough to guarantee the ability and frequency of an energy operator.
That is why I suggest you, after having reassured your mind by reading this page, to trust your instinct, your soul, which led you to my "virtual door" for a reason that is certainly profound, important and above all not very rational.
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