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Talking about me

I was about 16 when I approached the world of energetics, which was then called "Paranormal".

My first books on the subject talked about clairvoyance, astral travel and everything that could not find any explanation in science.

I was very fascinated and felt a strong attraction for everything beyond rational understanding.

I had many questions, probably the same ones you might have, questions that no one answered and that's why I read books, in fact I devoured them!

I was carrying out my solitary research, they weren't topics I could talk to anyone about, and as I proceeded and came across Channeling, the Realms of Angels and so on.

I was looking for guides, answers and, above all, a place I could call "home".

Since then I have personally experienced various experiences of contacts with the guides that have pushed me to follow paths in line with my evolutionary path.

This is why I was initiated into Reiki and later I attended a course in Soul Radiesthesia.

I had lived intense and important experiences that I wanted to share, but above all I understood that my desire was, and still is, to work with souls!

At the time, however, I was afraid of "inventing and imagining everything" so I decided to enroll in a School of Naturopathy.

My mind needed to believe I was part of something more structured, socially accepted and "framed".

But, for the uninitiated, naturopathy is closely linked to the vibrational approach, in taking care of people, for which I had returned from the back door, so to speak, again on the energetic level.

I was there again and I am still here, at work with souls willing to evolve and continue their journey !!


My vision

My personal and professional experience has allowed me to find that most of the problems arise from emotional and vibrational disharmonies that often affect the various areas of life, so I decided to act above all on the energetic level, where everything begins and can find resolution.

To this level belong the beliefs that we have created during our life, but also all the information that comes from our lineage, because each of us, in addition to inheriting a physical DNA, inherits, if we can say so, also an ENERGETIC DNA , which includes information from our family tree.

This information mainly concerns unresolved issues from our ancestors that have fallen on us in this life, as unfinished business, and which often manifest themselves both emotionally and physically.

When the problem is recurrent or chronic it is very likely that the cause is on a subtle level and it is on that level that I lead you to ensure that you acquire the necessary awareness that is needed to untie the knots.

Currently I carry out both energy and naturopathic consultations and treatments, depending on what I consider most appropriate for the person, both on the basis of the problem, and obviously on his desire.

The  energy sessions  can be performed both in the Studio and online. Energy has no boundaries or a precise place, which is why it is possible to act at a distance.

Naturopathic consultations are based on kinesiological testsolfactory , to be able to investigate at a deep level and work on the cause as well as on the effects.

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