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The naturopath is not and must not be considered a doctor, he does not make a diagnosis, he does not prescribe drugs and therefore any of his actions cannot be considered as a "medical act", having a diagnostic or therapeutic value.

He takes care of advising the lifestyle suitable for the psycho-physical balance of the person, making use of his knowledge of techniques and tools that nature has always offered.

This site is aimed at providing general advice for the psycho-physical well-being of the person, but in no case does it intend to replace the figure of the attending physician.

The contents of this site are informative and do not replace the doctor's advice.

The author of the site cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for damages or problems resulting from the use of the contents presented therein. In the event of health problems, consult your doctor or specialist.


Freelance holistic operator as per law  n.4 / 2013.

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