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Lemurian healing rooms


Energetic session/treatment through which you can access with me to the Lemurian healing rooms, a place of vibrational healing, where you can investigate your deepest blocks and act on the three planes (physical, emotional and subtle) to continue on your journey and rediscover serenity, faith and grow in awareness.

Through this session I will help you:

- Reconnect with your original DNA and retrieve memories of your animic origin and its dormant abilities.

- Get rid of energy snares (negativity, thought forms, energy parasites that condition and feed on your energy). Read more in this article.

- Dissolve agreements and contracts of the soul, entered into with other souls in the pre-Christmas programming phase, if and when possible, or when no longer functional to your evolutionary path.

- Unlock beliefs handed down by others and/or acquired over time (which guide our choices as a kind of autopilot, preventing us from finding out who we are and who we could become)

- Heal your family line (themes, beliefs and unsolved inherited from your ancestors)

- Reconnect with the vibration of the heart, the vibration of the 5th dimension.

- Identify and connect with the future timeline best suited to your spiritual journey.

Often to make us feel alone and abandoned, in the daily difficulties, are the separation and the estrangement from our deepest essence and from its eternal wisdom.

If what you want is to find your origins and the power that comes with it, find out who you really are and reconnect to the source of Divine love you just have to express your intention and get to work.

I can’t walk in your place, nobody can walk, but I can support you on your way.

This session can be held both in the studio and online.


Euro 82 - duration about 1 hour

Book your session 

+0039 / 334-784.38.02 (whatsapp)


Amelia Bianchini

"I followed the path with Silvia of 4 sessions in the Lemurian healing rooms.

It was important to find in Silvia the ability to accompany me in a kind and professional way in this experience which gave me the opportunity to deepen my awareness.

By traveling gently through my ancient memories, I was able to understand aspects of my current life and above all change my approach to everyday life.

A heartfelt thank you to Silvia.


Valentina Silvestri

I write these lines to share the work we are doing together with Silvia in the healing rooms.


I found myself at a point in my spiritual and healing journey where I couldn't continue alone, I had to go deeper but how could I do it?


My request was satisfied when I discovered the possibility to do so on his channel. From the first session I was able to understand a lot about my shadow sides and various blocks that I felt I had, but I didn't know how to transform.


Thanks to the work of Silvia and her "collaborators" I was able to visit the healing rooms accompanied by her with a simple and very heartfelt meditation, experienced with great emotion on my part as I was able to rediscover where the sensations that I couldn't seem to come from decipher my doubts, my fears and my blocks.


In short, I finally felt at home, for the first time I really understood deeply... it was like meeting someone who has always known you and lovingly suggests what your next step could be to rediscover that light that you feel shining brightly in heart forever but you realize that you had never given her the attention she deserved.

This whole journey has given me great strength to be able to continue the journey with ardent desire with the awareness of finally being on the right path. I thank Silvia infinitely.
From the bottom of my heart..

Simonetta Pirastu Usai

I met Silvia through word of mouth. I went to your site and one of your posts touched me.. it spoke of a sense of abandonment, of loneliness, of despondency.... everything I had felt for a long time, without being able to understand why and what to do. 
With Silvia's help and the healing rooms I got back in touch with the deepest part of me, with my dormant essence.  I had the chance to let go of what no longer serves me, even bonds with souls that I thought I had already dissolved.  

It was a truly powerful experience, giving me the fantastic chance to rediscover my lightness, joy and awareness that everything is simpler than we imagine!

Mara Baratti

On my road to expansion  to awareness, the meetings with you were a precious help in verifying where I was and where I needed to go. You helped bring out the voice of my soul, its cry for courage to heal myself, all my past lives and also lighten the burdens of my ancestors.

Infinitely grateful to you, dear Silvia.

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