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Olfactory Tests
Vibrational aromatherapy

Image by Elly Johnson

Let's trust our oldest sense to smell! _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Have you ever thought about the power of smell?

To what extent are smells able to evoke messages by directly accessing our deepest part?
How useful can these messages be as a sort of inner compass?

Smell is our oldest sense, also called "sense of happiness" because it is directly connected to the limbic system, the part of the brain where memories and emotions reside.

Smells strongly affect our life in the choices we make every day, starting with food, places and ending with people.

By now it has been established that even the classic "STROKE OF LIGHTNING" is essentially based on the sense of smell !!

Here, let the olfactory test, just like a sort of compass, lead you exactly into your unconscious where it will be possible to access profound messages that can help you understand if the direction you have taken corresponds to what your soul desires or if you have made detours on the route and the choices you think are "yours" are someone else's.

The test is very simple, just smell the fragrances and let them evoke thoughts, words and images.

Different bottles containing specially created blends of essential oils correspond to different life themes and are able to take a sort of "picture of your life situation" to understand where to make changes and make new aligned choices.


Tests currently available:

  • Test of the 8 sectors (to know your condition in the 8 main areas of life)

  • Test of the 3 notes (to know your condition in the 3 planes and areas of life: mental, emotional, material)

  •  Test of the 4 elements (air, fire, earth, water are in equilibrium or do some elements predominate to the detriment of others?)

  • Test of the 7 chakras (to know the condition of the 7 chakras and their physical and psychic areas).

Euro 70 - duration about 1 hour

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