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Cutting of the energy laces


Deep and complete cleaning of the energy field through which negativity, thought forms, energy parasites that condition and feed on your energy will be released and returned to the light.

All the energetic bonds that condition your current incarnation will be returned to the Creator.

If you don't know what laces are and why they could affect you read  this article .

If you feel:

  • confused, with his head always "in the air"

  • always tired

  • you have difficulty making decisions and identifying or focusing on your goals


it may be necessary to do a cleansing of the energy field; it will be a sort of "Reset" to restart with more energy, a higher and more compact frequency.

The session is done through Theta Healing and the help of Angelic energy.

It can be done both in the studio and remotely.

Euro 50 - duration about 1 hour

Book your session 

+0039 / 334-784.38.02 (whatsapp)

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