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Wellbeing of your animals


When I approach an animal, as with people, I take into consideration many factors that affect its lifestyle, beyond just the symptoms, albeit important and urgent.


Symptoms, as for humans, are often the manifestation of a different kind of disharmony such as:

  •  A stressful life situation,

  • The arrival of a new animal and the possible related jealousy

  • The arrival of a new person in "his" territory

  • A move that has just taken place or any kind of change that you did not like.

  • An incorrect diet that contributes or triggers the problem.


and many other variables, because any type of change could trigger a mechanism that in the long run can be somatized and manifest itself in an evident and annoying way.


That is why nothing should be overlooked during the consultation and as much as possible should be investigated.

Acting on all levels is essential to restore general well-being in your pet, which is why it is very important to intervene quickly and obtain precise information on its moment of life.

How I started

I start from my personal experience and tell you about Theo and Noah, my two big cats that you see in the photos and of which I have been taking care of for some time.

Theo was the first to mark the territory and when, after about a month, I introduced Noah it was a big problem!

Suddenly Theo, jealous, had become aggressive, he did nothing but chase and hunt Noah, who defended himself as best he could.

The consequence of this constant struggle was for both a kind of dermatitis with small scabs all over the body as well as intestinal problems.

I have used every remedy I know of, assuming that the situation for both of them was very stressful and with great constancy, using Bach flowers and other natural remedies able to act both emotionally and physically, I managed to restore serenity.

It goes without saying that I also took care of nutrition and treating them at a vibrational level and, after about a month, the situation returned to normal.

After this experience, and above all for the love I have for the animal world, I decided to make my professional skills available for their well-being.

Our furry life companions respond much more quickly to remedies e  treatments , precisely because they are not conditioned by the mental superstructures that instead characterize people, giving rise to unconscious resistances.


Working with animals has two fundamental characteristics:

  • The results are faster because the animal does not resist mentally, has no thoughts and superstructures like the person.
    He can experience stressful and traumatic situations and react accordingly, but he does not mull over the wrongs he has suffered, he does not imagine negative scenarios and for this reason he is more receptive to remedies and treatments from an energetic point of view.


  • It may seem easier, from the above, but the animal unable to speak has to entrust its story to its human keeper and therefore it is not so easy to know exactly how it feels and what it needs.

The kinesiological test (in this case at a distance) allows me to enter into communication with its deep system to access information that your pet cannot verbalize.

Through this tool, as between people, an energetic exchange takes place on a different level, a subtle level and this sort of "invisible conversation" is really essential to orient oneself between  multiple remedies, all apparently suitable for a problem.

In this way the remedy is selected from the system of the animal itself and not only from the mental reasoning of its keeper and operator.

I have been using this approach with people and the animal kingdom for years now and it always works.


Furthermore, the naturopathic energy approach,   also lends itself a lot to assisting veterinarian therapies, precisely because it is able to act both on the ground (constitution) and on the emotional and vibrational state of the animal.

How I work

Depending on the situation, the various plans are approached, but normally the various aspects are worked on, namely:

  • Symptoms, which are just the tip of the iceberg, are definitely annoying and urgent.

  • The ground, that is the general condition and the predisposition of the animal (eg allergic subject) to ensure that the symptoms do not recur and the constitution is strengthened where it presents weaknesses.

  • the emotional and energetic aspect, because when symptoms occur, emotions are almost always involved such as sadness for a perceived or actually abandoned abandonment, jealousy for a new arrival in the family and so on)
    It is also possible, indeed indicated, to work with vibrational remedies and treatments such as Australian flowers, Bach flowers, phyto-complements, essential oils, reiki, chromopuncture (even animals have the meridians covered by traditional Chinese medicine) and rebalancing of the chakras.

The caretaker must have patience in administering a certain number of remedies constantly, as natural medicine requires consistency and a long time.

Above all, it must be continued even after the symptoms have disappeared.

Often, when I work with an animal, once the energetic cause of the problem has been identified, I deal simultaneously with the humans with whom it is in daily relationship.

As I said, animals perceive and are very influenced by all types of energy, including ours that "carries with it" all the stress of the day, worries, thoughts and daily emotions.

Let us not forget that animals are pure souls, beings of light with which it is possible to come into contact on a different level, for this reason the treatments can be carried out at a distance.


If you are distant or you cannot go to my office, we can also carry out the interview online. 

Euro 70 - duration about 1 hour

Book your consultation 

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