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Reading Akashic Records

The Akashic records are the memory imprinted in the ether of all the actions carried out, both from the human and spiritual point of view of every living being.

Accessing these registers takes place by connecting to this dimensional plane and above all with the authorization of the Lords of the Registers and the help of Masters, Teachers and People dear to us no longer embodied.

Reading your Book of Life or Akashic Record to obtain useful information and points of view in case of:

  • blocks,

  • fears,

  • confusion about choices to make,

  • great suffering,

  • any event of your current incarnation that you cannot accept and which you cannot make sense of.

What questions might you ask while reading?


• What is my life mission?
• Why am I experiencing certain dynamics or situations?
• What is the situation I am living teaching me?
• What life does this situation come from?
• How can I forgive a person who has made me suffer so much?
• What can I do to help that person? (You will of course get the answer regarding your part in the relationship).
• What can I do to overcome my pain regarding a given situation?
• How can I interpret and overcome the blocks that are hindering my evolution?
• Is there a Karmic relationship with that person? In which life did it originate and how can I resolve it now?


How does the reading take place?


Each Akashic Records Reading is a very personal and unique experience as it takes place in a non-judgmental dimension, where only love and acceptance reigns. This is why  a session that can offer a great sense of well-being.

If you want you can already prepare the questions   or we will define them together during the short interview that precedes the reading.

We will begin with a relaxation phase and a visualization and, only after your verbal consent, I will proceed with the opening of your Registers to ask the Masters your questions and read your Book of Life.

At the end of the reading we will discuss what you have lived trying to draw the best lessons for your supreme good.

If you would like more information on Akasha read  this article.

Euro 50 - duration about 1 hour

Book your session 

+0039 / 334-784.38.02 (whatsapp)

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