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High-frequency Energy Rebalancing Treatment


TERA is a UNIQUE HIGH FREQUENCY energy treatment ,   created and tested by me 

which I carry out with the help of crystals, essential oils and ancient energy symbols from different Eastern and Western disciplines, with the aim of raising the basic frequency of the person.

It is the concentration of years of study and experience in the field, during which it has been constantly updated and calibrated, also thanks to the feedback from my customers, until it reaches the current version.

It is carried out on the person dressed and lying on the bed in complete relaxation, it is suitable for everyone,   does not involve contraindications or side effects.

At the beginning and at the end of the treatment, the frequency is measured using the Bovis biometer  in order to quickly detect the significant variation reached.


But what is  the basic frequency of a person? _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ And why raise the level?


Starting from the assumption that every living being in addition to a physical body has a series of subtle bodies (energetic and invisible to most) and considering that physical disturbances are often the manifestation of an imbalance that arises on the subtle plane, having a high frequency allows us from:

  • Increase our defenses from external influences (other people's emotions, psychic attacks, conditioning)

  • Regaining possession of one's personal power (relationship addictions both sentimental and family)

  • Cleanse yourself of what has already penetrated and caused any physical or emotional disturbances

  • Recharge your "batteries" in moments of high stress during which the frequency is lowered making us vulnerable and exposing us to the risk of getting sick.


From a more physical point of view, working on this level means addressing the root cause of ailments such as:

  • insomnia,  

  • chronic fatigue,  

  • headache,  

  • stomach ache

  • cycle disorders

  • anxiety

  • articolar pains

  • back pain 

  • and more.


This treatment is indicated both in case of already manifest problems and in conditions of well-being (prevention), because HAVING A HIGH FREQUENCY IS THE FUNDAMENTAL CONDITION TO KEEP YOUR WELL-BEING CONSTANTLY. 


The treatment can ONLY be carried out in the studio, if you are far away I recommend that you request one of the sessions that can be carried out at a distance, such as cutting the energy laces.




Since the path is personal, completely “tailor-made” on you and based on tests, I cannot define in advance a precise and equal number for everyone.

I can answer that we start from a minimum of 5 treatments with a frequency of 1 time per week in order to detect the first results.

Obviously it is of fundamental importance your complete cooperation in following the advice during the whole time of the journey and above all a strong desire and willingness to get involved for a real change.

But I want to clarify that the result will not last indefinitely, especially if at the end of the journey you will resume old habits and the previous lifestyle.

This is why I always recommend continuing with a sort of "maintenance" or a monthly or fortnightly support meeting and verifying that your new "Mindset" (mental attitude) is rooted and not just "passing" and that your determination is not fail.

As in any phase of change, it can happen especially at the beginning, that in particular moments of difficulty “relapses” occur, so it is important that you are followed until you are able to independently manage your change.

Euro 60 - duration about 40 minutes

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