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If you often feel confused and struggle to understand your role in this life.

If you have the impression that there is some general design behind it, but you cannot "see it" and you feel that you are missing the key to making sense of the events you are experiencing.

If you are looking for a way to reconnect with your inner wisdom and with the entire universe , RECONNECTION will lead you to the "Dimension of choice" that space between one life and the next where the main phases of the next incarnation are established and fixed points such as:


  • the life mission to accomplish

  • the challenges to be faced

  • the most significant events 

Accessing this type of information will help you make sense of the situations in your life that you cannot understand or overcome, and consequently you can obtain benefits in case of anxiety, stress, improving the quality of your energy.

Your soul, your true eternal essence, knows your project for this life and being able to have a greater connection with its voice can only bring clarity and above all soothe the sense of non-belonging that often distinguishes the most sensitive people.

The session can be held both in the studio and online.

Euro 50 - duration about 40 minutes

Book your session 

+0039 / 334-784.38.02 (whatsapp)

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