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Starseeds: Pleidians, Arcturians, Sirians and Mintakians. Who are they and what is their function?

Have you ever considered that you might be a "child of the stars"?

Starseeds or star seeds are the "offspring of the stars" beings from the higher densities of consciousness who decide to incarnate on earth in order to help the human race evolve into a higher stage of consciousness.

In order to incarnate and live on our planet, starseeds choose to acquire a physical body and become part of humanity, and they do so with the aim of inserting a new seed of awareness into human consciousness.

Depending on the origin (but all come from higher floors than ours) have different physical characteristics or however peculiar.

What is their task? Fundamentally manifest the divine plan for the Earth.

Starseeds, through their simple "being" enlighten themselves and live as an example for the human race with the intent of inserting a new seed of awareness within human consciousness, a seed that germinating will lay the foundations for a new and wonderful enlightened civilization.

More and more star seeds have been incarnating on planet Earth for some time to help transmute planetary karma and push humanity to evolve into Christ Consciousness.

Each of these beings carries with them a crystalline code of awakening, that is, a memory that will be activated at a certain moment of their life catalyzing the attention of starseed on spiritual awakening.

Until then the starseed lives like any other human being, that is, in the potential seed state.

When the awakening takes place these beings fully embrace their essence as servants of humanity and begin their process in two stages:

Initially they carry out a personal cleaning cycle that allows them to realign with their frequency of origin

then implement the real program of help and service to the next.

One of the most common characteristics of starseed is the constant feeling of living as "strangers in foreign land" on this Planet.

They are usually souls who like to daydream, very idealistic and prefer to spend their time in the inner worlds rather than in the outer world.

As children, but also during adolescence and adulthood these souls often do not recognize themselves in the games and interests of others.

They do not find funny or interesting what attracts most people and for this reason (until they awaken) they always feel out of place, strange and different.

They often try in many ways to adapt to earthly life, but the feeling of belonging is never really overcome.

When the starseed awakens, it becomes aware of the fact that the only purpose for which it is located on planet earth is to carry out a mission, which in addition to individual is part of a collective project that over time will be increasingly manifest and defined.

So starseed begins to make sense of its feeling of "diversity" and lives it with less suffering and more awareness.

She will try then, but this will also happen by simple vibratory assonance, other starseeds with whom to relate, carry on the collective project and feel a little more "at home".

What are the characteristics that define a Starseed?

Difficulty in adapting

The star seeds will always feel the need to go home, even if they have no idea where it is.

That is why they may be introverted and have difficulties in interacting with people, or they may experience severe depression and mental problems resulting from the fact that to live on earth they must lower the vibration of their soul.

They often live lonely lives or are very selective in friendships.

Difficulty in complying with social norms

Almost certainly a Starseed will rebel against any pressure to conform or live a certain way.

They know the fundamental values of life, and they don’t need someone else to give them instructions, that where they come from they don’t exist.

Feeding problems

Which stems from the fact that in the higher planes it is not said that they had a physical body and therefore the need to feed.

A Starseed can then be prone to food problems that can result in anorexia and bulimia.

In any case it is not obvious that the starseed will perform the work of healer, as would a light operator. It’s easier for him to do his work at a general and collective level, maybe inventing new technologies or discovering new healing methods.

But how many are there and where do they come from?


A Pleiadian star seed is a soul that comes from the Pleiades star system, next to the Orion belt.

These are ancient and highly evolved souls whose coming to Earth is intended to help us in the transition from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension.

Their energy is manifested in many ways: they love to laugh, love and bring light to humanity and to all living beings, be they animals, humans and the earth itself.

Some typical characteristics of Pleiadian seed:

  • Honest, generous, loving, romantic, excellent parent and educator, very powerful healer with a deep desire to "fix others".

  • He’s a very empathetic, sensitive soul who may have had a traumatic childhood. He doesn’t like conflict, he’s very intuitive and he loves animals.

  • She often incarnates as a woman and is a potential skilled speaker and/or leader, precisely because her mission is to bring messages.

  • Communicative ability, however, manifests itself best when it has self-confidence, which is why, often, before this is possible the starseed must overcome its insecurity.

  • Physically the Pleiadians (called Nordic aliens, because of their Scandinavian or angelic appearance), tend to be thin, tall, with light hair and fair skin, definite cheekbones and jaw.

  • While typically pale-skinned, many people have had contact with dark-skinned Pleiadians, which may result from living on a planet with high UV.

  • On the other hand, once incarnated in terrestrial bodies it is easy to assume a much more varied, and not unique, appearance, as in other planets.

So, the Pleiadian star seeds here on Earth don’t necessarily resemble the typical "Pleiadian".

Mintakians (from Mintaka - Orion)

Mintaka is one of the stars of Orion’s constellation

The Mintakan or Orion star seeds are one of many that exist on Earth. They are very compassionate, and with the Arthurians and Syrians they are among the oldest souls to occupy our planet.

It seems that Mintaka originated in the high vibrational frequency of the 5th dimension.

It is said to be an aquatic world, a paradise full of love and light, a sacred place for ancient civilizations throughout cosmic history.

Mintaka is also said to have been destroyed, but it is not known for certain. In any case, this hypothesis would explain why the Mintakani feel a strong sense of nostalgia and attraction towards the sea.

Characteristics of the Mintakians:

  • Very attracted by water (sea), they live with a deep sense of nostalgia that leads them to feel often isolated or misunderstood.

  • They are always looking for a deeper sense of life and always see the good in others; they are very positive, adventurous and curious and eager to live life.

  • Often they are melancholy for the lack of a house that no longer exists, but that above all was a kind of paradise where everything was perfectly organized

  • From the memory of such perfection could derive the tendency to control, which is nothing more than the constant attempt to reproduce on earth what they lived.

  • They are spiritual, very intuitive, attracted by veganism and the healing power of herbs. They are wise and very ancient souls who have the potential to be leaders.

  • Each Mintakian has its own unique and specific mission and often struggles to find its mission on Earth.

  • Sometimes they believe they do not know what they have "come" to do, but in the end, they are indispensable to uplift the consciousness of humanity and to create peace and harmony on earth.

  • They usually deal with supporting and fostering peace, harmony, slow living and holistic medicine. The desire to help is deeply encoded in their DNA.

It is said that the image of mermaids in the collective subconscious is linked by the appearance of Mintakani.

Physically they have a tail, webbed arms, gills and their skin goes from dark brown to light green.

They could reincarnate in any human body, so their physical appearance may vary now, but most of them have rather long torsos and arms suitable for swimming.

Arcturians from Arturo

Arthur is a red giant whose light is so bright that astronomers believe he will eventually become a white dwarf at the end of his life.

Arthurians are beings who vibrate in the fifth dimension, often considered shamans, healers and spiritual guides.

It is believed that the souls who are to incarnate on earth, in addition to crossing the veil of forgetfulness, also pass through the Arthurian energy architecture, which helps them to get used to a more rooted physical reality, such as the one in which the earth lives.

At present it seems that millions of souls are incarnated on earth, especially among the younger generations.

The term 'Arcturus' derives from the ancient Greek words 'arktos', meaning bear, and 'ouros', meaning guardian: the Arthurians, therefore, are considered the protectors of the world and the divine warriors.

They are extremely spiritual, but not religious, and possess great gifts of communication and organization.

They bring to Earth the fundamental and ancient wisdom of long forgotten civilizations, a knowledge that has been deeply rooted in the DNA of their soul for many, many centuries. They act rather than thinking and meditating deeply, so they are incredibly adept at practical things. They carry out their mission in many ways, they are teachers, writers, artists and designers.

They are highly logical and organized beings, very attracted by calm rather than chaos.

Characteristics of the Arturians:

  • They often feel the "black sheep" in their family

  • Are great public speakers

  • They feel drawn to the night sky, astronomy and aliens

  • They don’t understand the social hierarchy

  • Tend to have lower blood pressure and body temperature

  • Attracted to the paranormal and metaphysics

  • Interested in sacred geometry and ancient civilizations

  • Attracted to quantum physics and technology

  • They strongly support their views

  • They love and are inclined to design, organize and build

  • Very interested in advanced technology, science and mathematics

  • They may be interested in building, designing and planning the future on Earth, perhaps through sustainable energy, developing new models of community life, etc.

  • They can see colorful geometric patterns when they close their eyes

  • They can be talented musicians, mathematicians or scientists

  • Have strong memories

  • Extremely empathetic, intuitive and clairvoyant

  • They possess telepathic abilities: they can easily read people’s thoughts or telepathically transfer message to others

  • They are very sensitive to sounds, lights, smells, chemicals, etc..

  • They feel the strong need to help others

  • They have the skills of leaders and natural guides

  • Masters of the three upper chakras

Fundamentally, their mission is to pave the way for a brighter and more innovative future and advance Earth’s evolution, technologically, emotionally and mentally.

Syrians: star seeds of Sirius

The star seeds of Sirius come from the constellation of the Great Dog and are much older than the human race.

They often send messages to souls embodied in humans to help them remember their mission on earth.

The Syrians have had much to do with Ancient Egypt, collaborating in the construction of the Great Pyramids with new technologies and sharing their vast knowledge with the people. It is said that the same god Anubis was a Syrian being.

Their influence is easily recognizable in the Maya culture, the Dogon tribe of Africa, and documents relating to Atlantis, Sumeria, and Lemuria.

They are known as "the people of Gaia" or "the people of Earth" and are attracted to a particular set of roles on Earth often linked to the natural frequency and growth cycles of the Earth ; for example beekeepers, farmers, oceanographers, cooks, biologists, environmentalists, gardeners, foresters, ecologists, tea pickers, entrepreneurs within these fields, etc.

Syrians feel very much the interconnectedness of all beings in the universe.

They know that the vibration of the planet Earth impacts the vibration of every other aspect of the cosmos and have responded to the call for help of our planet, just like the Pleiadians.

The purpose of their incarnation in human form is to help this planet to reconnect with the spiritual plane.

Characteristics of the Syrians

  • Don’t like to be labeled or stereotyped

  • Since Sirius is composed of various types and energetic beings the Syrian cannot understand the human need to label and define the point to find this unjust and very rigid process.

  • They recognize the beauty and magic of small things, sometimes even banal.

  • They are attracted to magic, myths and conspiracy theories, documentaries about ancient civilizations, cultures and lost worlds fascinate you. They believe in things others would never understand.

  • They have a vivid imagination and this is because the worlds they create in their mind are very similar to the star system from which they originate.

  • They often imagine even the smallest details of a story or scenario, and this is a constant source of fascination for a lifetime.

  • Syrians are always informed beings, very intelligent with a strong thirst for knowledge.

  • They have a close circle of friends and relationships

  • They are quite selective and prefer quality over quantity when it comes to personal relationships.

  • Syrian Starseeds are introspective and reflective. They believe in values such as trust, honesty and respect.

  • They often have few real friends with whom they like to discuss the deeper topics of life and existence rather than engage in superficial chatter and conversation.

  • They are very connected to their creativity

  • They are very inspired to give life to things through the means of art, writing, poetry, music, theater or cinema for which they manifest strong predisposition.

  • They have a strong belief system, but freely accept the thought of others

  • Before making a decision reflect motion carefully and love to spend their time analyzing the hidden meaning behind things.

Syrians have strong and precise beliefs about how things should be done, but they are not rigid in their positions; they accept different opinions.

They live in a very simple but spiritual way

Syrians do not focus on material possessions. They lead a simple and spiritual life, often nomadic, free and adventurous.

They appear reserved from the outside, but are lively and active.

Have a deep love for animals and nature

Sirius B is said to be the home of the "animal world", especially marine animals. Dolphins, whales, fish, you love the underwater world and its beauty.

They focus on possibilities rather than problems

They can’t stand when people complain about their problems, especially when the solution is simple and easy to spot.

Physically, the Syrian star seeds are very similar to cats, to the point that they also have very similar physical characteristics.

And which starseed did you identify with?

If you have recognized yourself in more than one star seed do not worry because you may be an ancient soul, who has travelled a lot, and has incarnated in many different constellations, thus reaching a very wide spiritual baggage.

All you need to know is that you have come to Earth in this precise transition period to bring your message and your help to humanity.

If over time you have often felt lonely, misunderstood and very "different" than most of the people you have known, your soul is probably ancient and your home is very far from the earth.

Being aware that you have chosen to contribute to helping humanity can help you make sense of the feeling of nostalgia and abandonment you may have felt until today.

Personally, I sometimes wonder to what extent humanity deserves the help of such evolved and compassionate beings of light, but that is just my opinion!

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